Corporate philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is the planning of sustainable plants with optimised functioning and favourable investment and operational costs benefiting the operating company.

This aim can only be achieved with the help of a team of people free in mind, highly motivated, and enjoying what they are doing.

An engineering office really worth its good reputation is marked to a great extent by the amount of knowledge and experience the staff has, as well as by a structured approach adopted to carry out tasks and the ability to communicate. It sees itself as a service provider - and, as all providers, our office presents itself and is responsible to the client with all our reputation and name, skills and expertise - and answers to the client as an equal. This demands communication skills, empathy (for the client's situational needs and questions) as well as presentation and managerial skills.

The performance of our office consists largely of team work - thus, each individual is part of the performance.

Our office thrives on our staff's know-how and faculties and for that reason we consider further education and training to be of the utmost importance.

All of us do our work with a high degree of responsibility and personal identification.

Our work is characterised by quality orientation; our aim is not to make the same mistake twice.

Our projects provide high adherence to target costs and deadlines.